Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Vaper All-Workout?

The Vaper All-Workout™ is truly the first ever all-in-one performance supplement.
Vaper contains a premium time-released energy blend, a full 6 grams of the highest quality BCAAs available, a thermogenic fat-burner in the form of MCT oil (NEOBEE®) and a full spectrum of electrolytes & beta-alanine for the most effective hydration and replenishment. This is not your run-of-the-mill, stimulant-heavy pre-workout with nothing else in it. This product sets the standard for what kind of quality you should be looking for in health and performance supplements. Nothing is hidden behind a proprietary blend and no fillers were added for worthless label claims. No B.S.

2. Why Should I use Vaper?


If you’re tired of trying to guess what ingredients companies are sneaking into your product or not being able to tell how much of anything you’re actually getting then the Vaper All-Workout™ is for you.  If you like a good clean amount of energy but don’t like the feeling of your heart beating through your chest or the shakes that come from an over dosed amount of caffeine then Vaper is for you.  If you’re sick of having to chug down some disgustingly sweetened pink stuff before and during your workouts and would prefer a lighter, more natural and crisp refreshing taste, than Vaper is for you.  If you like putting harmful drugs into your body and testing the limits of how much abuse your heart can take, then Vaper is not for you.

3. Why Are Other Products Cheaper?

Products are usually made with one goal in mind, to make the most amount of money possible. Sadly, this is the truth behind why most companies use proprietary blends on their formulas. Anybody can list a ton of ingredients on a label if they aren’t required to disclose how much of that product is going into the bottle. Essentially you end up with 1 active ingredient and 50 sprinkled in products that amount to less than zero.  Furthermore, products can be made even cheaper by sourcing the bottom of the barrel or left over ingredients from overseas that have gone way past expiration dates.  Lastly, most companies make multiple products to increase profits and do not like combining all the benefits that Vaper offers into one product and would prefer to sell you 4 different products instead. To recap: poor dosing, low-grade ingredients, manufactured overseas = CHEAP product.

4. Is Vaper Safe for Athletes Who Get Drug Tested?

We pride ourselves on only making products with the safest and most effective ingredients. We will not use illegal or banned substances in any of our formulas, ever.

Vaper is 100% safe! Check out the AEGIS Shield App or Website to see our approval for NCAA, MLB, NFL. We’re also approved for any WADA or USADA tested athletes.

5. Will Using Vaper Cause Adverse Reactions?

Jitters are caused by an excessive amount of caffeine and/or other synthetic stimulants without any caloric energy to balance out the effects. Vaper All-Workout™ avoids this common problem by using a very tolerable 200mg of caffeine per scoop with the addition of 2 unique food based energy ingredients — Palatinose™ (carbohydrate) and NEOBEE® (healthy fat). They help balance out the energy effects into much smoother & longer-lasting energy for the body, which successfully eliminates dreaded “crash” effect. It is still advised to always begin by assessing tolerance with 1/2 scoop.

6. Why Do Pre-Workout Products Cause My Skin to Itch or Rash?

This can be due to either one of two things… some products contain the ingredient Red dye which is highly allergic for many people (Vaper does not have this) or the other reason is the ingredient B-3 (Niacin) which causes a skin flushing sensation that can be slightly irritating. Vitamin B-3 helps increase absorption of the other ingredients by increasing the blood flow to the muscle. It’s effect will lessen over time with repeated use and most users of Vaper hardly notice it if at all.

7. Can I Buy Built To Win Products Locally?

Yes you can! Shop small business and support your local community! Contact us for a list of actively stocked retailers!


8. What If I Don't Like the Product After Purchasing?

We guarantee you’ll love and the feel the difference immediately after you use our product! But if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase please reach out to us and we'll provide a full refund! 


Have a question you can’t find the answer to? Don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!