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Beverly Hills Drug Treatment

Beverly Hills Drug Treatment

When you make the life-changing decision to get help for your addiction, you’ll also have other important choices to make. For instance, determining whether to go to an inpatient and outpatient treatment. Residential inpatient rehab requires an individual to stay at the facility while receiving treatment. Inpatient treatment eliminates the temptations and distractions by providing a drug or alcohol-free environment. It also keeps you away from the stresses of everyday life. At 90210 Recovery, we're a premier Beverly Hills drug treatment center. We offer residential inpatient treatment that seeks to help you start your recovery journey on a firm footing.

A Review of Our Residential Inpatient Program

Our goal is to achieve life-changing results by the time your visit with us ends. That’s why the treatment programs at our Beverly Hills drug rehab provide second to none tailored treatment plans to suit your unique needs and achieve successful results.

Our Facility

We are situated at the top of Beverly Hills, overlooking the beautiful city of Los Angeles in an estate once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. We’ve transformed the place into a luxurious Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center dedicated to helping anyone who steps into our treatment facility live a productive, rewarding, healthy, and drug-free life. Our scenic, sprawling facility has the best amenities and five-star accommodation designed for your comfort and peace of mind as you go through treatment. 


Not only is our rehab center designed to give you the utmost comfort while you’re here, but we also have the best addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills. Our three-pronged treatment approach seeks to stabilize and help you recover and maintain sobriety. 

  • Detox

Contrary to popular belief, detox at home can be dangerous for you. When you go through detoxification under our residential program, we take care of you and closely monitor your vitals. Our qualified professionals are available throughout the day and night to ensure your safety. If you experience severe withdrawal symptoms, we’ll give you comfort medication to ease the discomfort. At our drug and alcohol detox in Beverly Hills, CA, not only do you access personalized care, but we also tailor a detox program suited to your unique needs.

  • After Detox

Once you’re done with detoxification to get rid of the toxins from your body, we’ll start with the actual treatment. We offer evidence-based therapy, where you’ll work with our psychiatrist to find the underlying cause of your addiction. Our aim is to uncover all the issues that drive the addiction. We’re unlike other alcohol and drug rehab centers that only focus on treating the addiction itself. Through our qualified clinicians, we seek to dissect your motivations, beliefs, traumas, influences, habits, any underlying mental health conditions that drive the addiction. This is mostly done through dual diagnosis. After, we’ll create a unique treatment plan for you to address the addiction and all the underlying issues.

Help is Within Arms Reach

At the heart of our Beverly Hills drug treatment program is you. We focus on helping you defeat your addiction for good. While you cannot go back and make a new start, you can start today to create a new ending. Our compassionate and highly skilled professionals will you’re your regain control of your life. Contact 90210 Recovery to speak with our addiction treatment specialist on 844-462-8571.

Beverly Hills Drug Treatment
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