Shredder Program (Digital Asset)

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The Shredder Program is a complete game changer when it comes to figuring out your nutritional needs based on achieving the optimal body composition possible. Low body fat to high lean muscle tissue ratio is what it is meant to help you achieve. This program has helped thousands of people over the years reach their dream physiques without over complicating the process. The fact is many companies want to sell you a diet that requires a degree in nutrition to try and make sense of. The Shredder Program is a no nonsense approach to getting drastic results without all of the headaches that come from counting calories, tracking macros, etc. The Shredder Program also comes with a 15 week workout guide meant to help you accelerate your results in the gym. When you’re ready to take it to the next level sign up below and let the shredding begin!


    • Customized Shredder Meal Program

    • 15 Weeks of Shredder Multi-Phase Workouts

  • Access to shredder email to ask questions and seek advice regarding your workout goals!


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